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Our company is involved in setting up companies and advising on buying and selling businesses. We also advise on amendments and implications of articles of association; shareholders agreements and directors’ responsibilities. We prepare shareholders agreements by reviewing and considering the articles of association to ensure that shareholders’ interests are properly protected.


In particular, we are often asked to protect the interests of minority shareholders – this involves a consideration of companies’ constitutions and the rights granted in conjunction with the Romanian Companies law. The value of preparing detailed shareholders agreements is realised when shareholders are in dispute. The scope of the dispute is generally restricted by the terms of the agreement.


Our company solicitors assist businesses in purchasing other businesses. Our solicitors have acted on quite a number of multi-million euro acquisitions and disposals, restructures and demergers.


We have provided company legal advice in respect to:

• Mergers and Acquisitions

• Purchase and sale of companies

• Setting up joint venture entities and group company structures

• Management buy-outs

• Due diligence

• Assisting in formulating franchise arrangements and structures

• Structuring private companies to manage liability and risk

• Buying and selling businesses

• Securing property interests

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